A blog on Leadership, Public Speaking, Digital Communications Strategy and SEO

Welcome to my blog on marketing, digital communications strategy and leadership. I will be sharing my experiences in these areas and topics that include public speaking and leadership. I’m a Digital Communications Strategist and at home I am a family man, technology enthusiast and apple tech.

I have found great fulfillment in teaching and public speaking, which grew into a passion for coaching and mentoring. Throughout my career, I’ve had many “aha” moments which have either changed my view, approach or my life. I will be sharing these learnings in addition to digital communications strategy best practices.

Brag Stats and Learning Moments

During my career, I came up with a practice I like to call “Brag Stats and Learning Moments”. This practice is meant to reflect on case studies of my work and the work of my peers. “Brag Stats” was a way to celebrate and learn from successful projects. “Learning Moments” was a way to evaluate missed opportunities or projects that did not meet expectations (sometimes I like to call these “near misses”). These “near misses” often start with a good idea, they simply have derailed somewhere between inspiration and implementation. This will include those projects that sometimes seem “accidentally successful”. Either way, success or missed opportunity, each moment can be a learning moment.

I hope my blog will help to inspire and empower you to solve complex problems, build bulletproof and holistic strategies and to build as a foundation of leadership skills.