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About Adam Napolitan

Adam Napolitan specializes in digital strategy for large and complex web environments.  Over the years, Adam has built a reputation of achieving and securing top search result rankings in google for many search terms and he is now leading digital communications strategy at UC Davis. Adam is the director of web communications in the central communications office for UC Davis (Strategic Communications), developing digital communications strategies and providing consultation to communicators throughout UC Davis (including UC Davis Health). Adam and his team manage top-level digital assets for UC Davis. In collaboration with other university partners, Adam’s team launched a new university home site for UC Davis on January 19th, 2016. This project brought together multiple high visibility websites into one rich experience, creating a true virtual front door to the university. The new site combines the original homesite, news, dateline (university news), undergraduate admissions and the visit website under one roof. This is only one piece of the puzzle, as UC Davis has thousands of websites distributed across different departments and programs. Adam is working to bring all of these sites closer together with a much more coordinated and collaborative approach. The infrastructure that is being built is simply the beginning of a much bigger holistic approach to the UC Davis web ecosystem.


An Award Winning Team Leader

Adam and his team have won many awards for the work they have done in higher education.

A Journey of Science and Education – UC Davis Grand Canyon Website

CASE Awards National Gold and Grand GoldGold National CASE Winner, Best Individual Sub-Website

Grand Gold Regional CASE Winner, Best of Digital Communications Category

Gold Regional CASE Winner, Best Individual Sub-Website

Gold Regional CASE Winner, Innovative use of Technology

After documenting a watershed sciences class trip to the Grand Canyon, we wanted our audiences to feel like they were there with us. Our immersive, mobile-friendly website took them on a virtual version of the adventure, featuring 360-degree videos, audio clips and an interactive map.

Building a Student-Centric Website – UC Davis Home Site Redesign

Bronze CASE AwardsBronze Regional CASE Winner, Best Practices in Communications and Marketing

Extensive research and best practices guided our campus home site redesign, resulting in a modern, easy-to-use site that revolves around the needs of prospective students without alienating other key audiences. Within 10 months of the launch, the site received 4 million more page views compared to the year before, and nearly a million more visitors.

Establishing a Centralized Calendar System – UC Davis Academic Dates and Events Calendar

Bronze 2016 CASE AwardBronze Regional CASE Winner, Innovative use of Technology

A much-needed campus calendar overhaul centralized events, standardized event registration and streamlined the search process. Internal and public use of the new calendar skyrocketed, as did overall event attendance.

A holistic approach to digital strategy

There is no better word than holistic when trying to sum up the work that I do in the realm of Digital Communications Strategy. I have always had a natural ability to fit the small pieces into the big picture which has allowed me to thrive in this environment.

Adam has a natural ability to establish lasting and collaborative partnerships. Having an established reputation and trusting relationships, Adam has been able to cross political boundaries never before crossed. These relationships matched with an empowering team atmosphere has brought together dozens of communicators and technologists across campus aligning to solve a single shared goal. To make UC Davis the best online presence in all of higher education. Throughout Adam’s career he has also established himself as a go to speaker for events and group trainings.

An experienced public speaker

Adam Napolitan Digital Strategy and Public SpeakingWith over 10 years of experience in public speaking and presentation development, Adam teaches public speaking and gives a popular presentation called “Make your next presentation TED worthy” which is now available in a full-day program.

Adam’s notable presentations

Make Your Next Presentation TED Worthy: CASE District VII Annual Conference 2018

Make Your Next Presentation TED Worthy:
Planned Giving Forum of Greater Sacramento

Make Your Next Presentation TED Worthy: CASE District VII Annual Conference 2017

Campus Student Technology Panel – Leverage UC Davis Platforms to Reach Students Effectively: Stay Day 2015

Make Your Next Presentation TED Worthy – How to Make an Effective Presentation: PCCHA 2014

Creating a Successful Campaign Training: PCCHA 2014

Developing and Maintaing A Successful Mental Health Initiative: UC Student Mental Health Best Practice Conference 2014

Utilizing Current Trends to Reduce Alcohol Related Problems Presentation: PCCHA 2012

A New Generation of Health Education and Risk Reduction Presentation: ADP 2012

Successful Risk Reduction Campaigns Session Keynote: California Governor’s Prevention and Advisory Council (GPAC) 2012 (Featured Guest/Keynote)

An established expert in marketing and communications

With a background in both technology and marketing/communications, as well as experience in business operations combined with an outgoing personality it has led Adam on a path to be the go-to expert for multiple subjects at UC Davis from digital strategy to public speaking.

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