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Presentation Development and Public Speaking Training

Master your storytelling and unlock your leadership potential.

Learn how to build an effective and compelling presentation in the tool of your choosing with a hands-on learning experience.

Learn how to master your story and move your audience. You’ll learn what the most effective story structure of presentations and speeches look like and experience effective storytelling at its best.

Learn how to deliver your speech, pitch or presentation and what it means to truly be a “dynamic speaker”.

In this “Make Your Next Presentation TED Worthy” full-day training you will learn about:

  • Presentation theory and research
  • Presentation story structure
  • Critical components of effective presentations
  • Tips and best practices
  • Decoding body language
  • Addressing public speaking stumbling blocks

Presentation Development and Public Speaking Training

After many years of crafting keynote presentations for executive leadership and public figures, I started speaking in larger venues in my core expertise areas. While attending a variety of conferences and sitting through what seemed to be an endless number of internal presentations, I quickly saw how each presentation could have been crafted to be a more effective presentation. I took it upon myself to start teaching presentation development techniques and public speaking tips. My most acclaimed presentation is “Make your next presentation TED worthy”. After doing full day trainings for individuals, I have made it a personal mission to make this training accessible to as many people as I can.

This has been one of the single most important skills that has helped me to advance my career and along the way, I have helped many leaders become more effective communicators through this training.

A fundamental leadership skill

This training will help to sharpen your leadership skills and will help you set a new standard within your organization. People often make their way to the top without a strong background in presentation delivery or public speaking while others get to the top because of their public speaking abilities.

Who is this for?

Whether you are just getting started with your career, a manager, a sales professional, a public figure, or a CEO this training will apply to you. If you want to get promoted, this is an absolute must have skill and the higher up you are, the more important this trait is. If you create presentations for others, you will learn tips to help transition leadership to use the traits you will learn in this program.

Recommendations and Testimonials

This was an incredibly valuable session, it was engaging and extremely informative. Excellent professional development option!

There isn’t a category for Adam here. Above excellent presenter. Engaging, informative, funny. Best way to end the conference.

This presentation was the highlight of the conference. Good choice!

Adam KILLED it. Great presentation done very well … he modeled how to give a great presentation and provided tons of useful tips and ways to think about how one can improve one’s presentation skills.

One of the two best sessions at the conference! Adam was amazing – engaging, Ted-worthy indeed, and beyond applicable to everyone in the room. Serious home run!

Adam gave an excellent, interesting and informative presentation. It was my favorite conference presentation and one that I will apply almost immediately upon my return to campus. Thank you Adam for your excellent, data- based advice on creating effective presentations.

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